Compendium | The Complete Sounds Collection

Get every sound library Puremagnetik has made. Over 30 Gigabytes and over 100 instruments, ready to play on your desktop in Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

Compendium includes the following Puremagnetik libraries.

Aleph I | The Alpha Juno Library Part 1 Analog Synths
Aleph II | The Alpha Juno Library Part 2 Analog Synths
alphaSynth | Apple ][ and Alpha Syntauri Music Systems Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
AmpPak | Audio Annihilating Processors Ableton Effect Racks
Analog Automata | Boutique Modular Loops Analog Synths
Analog Bass Volume 1 | Serious Bottom Analog Synths
Analog Bass Volume 2 | The Bad Bass of a KORG MS-20 Analog Synths
Analog Bass Volume 3 | A Trio of Low End Legends Analog Synths
Analog Drums | Modular Kits and Beats Drums & Percussion
Archmachine | 1970s String Synthesis Analog Synths
Artifact | Digital Machine Malfunctions Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
B-System | Analog Atmospheres of the Buchla 200e Analog Synths
B-System | Basses and Leads of the Buchla 200e Analog Synths
B-System | Percussives of the Buchla 200e Analog Synths
Baritron | The Saxophone of the Future Film & Soundscape
Bender | Electrically Modified Goodie Bag Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Big Bertha | Custom Electric Bass Guitar & Bass
Blip | Epic Atari Synthesis Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Circuit 30 | The Genius Electronics of Moog Analog Synths
Comput0 Beats | The Rhythms of Csound Digital Synths
Comput0 Synths | Powerful Csound Synthesis Digital Synths
Console X | Classic Electronica for the Modern Studio Digital Synths
Console Y | A Supercharged Ensoniq ASR-X Library Digital Synths
Console Z | The ASR-X Library Volume 3 Digital Synths
DeeEx | Step Into 1983 Synthesis Digital Synths
Devil07 | A Circuit Bent 707 Drum Machine Drums & Percussion
Digital Beatboxes | The Drum Machines of an Era Drums & Percussion
Digitar | Casio Guitar, Hacked and Bent Digital Synths
Eight Bit | The SID Chip of the Commodore 64 Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Elektrodrum | An Elektron Machinedrum for Live Drums & Percussion
Esqone | An Ensoniq ESQ-1 at your Fingertips Digital Synths
FM Drums | Drums and Percussion of the DX7 Drums & Percussion
Frequencizer | A 914 Filterbank for Ableton Live Ableton Effect Racks
Grainscapes | Granular Sound Design Experiments Film & Soundscape
Guitar Rack Vol. 1 | Stratocaster Guitar Library Guitar & Bass
Guitar Rack Vol. 2 | Stereo Acoustic Guitar Library Guitar & Bass
Guitar Rack Vol. 3 | Hollow Body Guitar Library Guitar & Bass
GuitarMachine | A Guitar-based Sound Design Toolbox Guitar & Bass
Hackshop | A Circuit-Bent Arsenal of Diabolic Gizmos Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Harpitron | A Suzuki Tronichord, Modernized. Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Harpsikord | A Flexible Improvement on a Classical Instrument Keyboards
HarvestPak | Fun in Chaos with this Harvestman Collection Analog Synths
Infinite Spaces | An Odyssey in Space and Sound Film & Soundscape
Jax | The Epic Sounds of the JX-8P Analog Synths
Jolt | Ableton's Operator, Recharged Digital Synths
Juice | An FM Injection for Ableton's Operator Digital Synths
Juniper Part 1 | Otherworldly Analog from the Jupiter Series Analog Synths
Juniper Part 2 | Cosmic Sounds of the Jupiter Series Analog Synths
K-Station Atmospheres | The King of Additive Synthesis Digital Synths
Kardoni | The Spirit of an ARP Omni Mk2 Analog Synths
LadyVox | Multi-sampled Female Voice Instrument Vocals
MalletPak 1 | Wooden Marimba, Intricately Engineered Drums & Percussion
MalletPak 2 | A Pristine Vibraphone Instrument Drums & Percussion
MalletPak 3 | Stonaphone and Glockenspiel Drums & Percussion
Mark One Brooklyn | Electric Rhodes Circa '75 Keyboards
Mark Two Berlin | Das Fender Rhodes, Arm aber Sexy Keyboards
Metalsphere | Soundscape Toolbox for Film and Games Film & Soundscape
Microdrum | Quick, Electronic Drums for Ableton Live Drums & Percussion
Microtron Tape 1 | Mellotron Brass, 8 Voice Choir and Strings Keyboards
Microtron Tape 2 | Mellotron Flutes, Cello and Octave Recorders Keyboards
Microtron Tape 3 | Mellotron Clarinet, French Horn and Glenn Miller Keyboards
Model-C | Twang & Bite of the Famous Clavinet Keyboards
Model-T | Funky and Mellow Hohner Pianet Keyboards
Modular Patterns | Melodic Analog Phrases Analog Synths
Mysterium | A Laboratory of Spookiness Film & Soundscape
Onda | Fictitious Instruments of Another World Film & Soundscape
Opus | Classical Voices à la Moog Analog Synths
P-50 Linear | A Mega '80s D50 Synth Digital Synths
Paragons | Immense Sounds, Epic Instruments Film & Soundscape
Phazeform Vol 1 | A Tribute to Casio Phase Distortion Digital Synths
Phazeform Vol 2 | Exemplary Phase Distortion Digital Synths
Phonik | Sounds of the Lush Paraphonic 505 Analog Synths
PitchSwitch | Repitch and Reshape Anything in Ableton Live Ableton Effect Racks
PM Grand | Immaculate Ivory Keyboards
PM-200 | Wurlitzer 200A in Hi-Res Keyboards
PM-70 | Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano Keyboards
PM-8910 | Intellivision Chip Sounds for Lo-fi Explorers Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Pocketone | A 1980s Toy Keyboard Duo Digital Synths
Punchpak | The Synth of the Nintendo Entertainment System Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Purple Kit | A Custom-Built Maple Drumset Drums & Percussion
RackPak 1 | Beat Choppers, Time Warpers and More Ableton Effect Racks
RackPak 2 | Outlandish Effects for Ableton Live Ableton Effect Racks
RackPak 3 | Warped Effects and Beat Parsers Ableton Effect Racks
Realistik | A Circuit-Bent Concertmate 360 Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Retroputer | An Elektron Monomachine for Ableton Live Digital Synths
SixVoice | The Legendary PolySix Synthesizer Analog Synths
Skatik | A Hacked and Bent Casio SK-5 Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
String Machines | The Golden Age of String Synthesis Analog Synths
Synbotik | Retro Additive Synthesis Digital Synths
Synth700 | The Analog Magic of a MiniKorg700 Analog Synths
Technosphere | Dark Textures for Film Scoring Film & Soundscape
TeeBee | The Original Acid Bass Analog Synths
Teex | Monster FM Synthesis of the TX81Z Digital Synths
Thump Machine | Kick Drum & Bass Designer Drums & Percussion
Toybox 1 | Toys, Gadgets and Devices Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Toybox 2 | Noisemakers, Speaking Devices and Plastic Gizmos Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
TrapKit | A Vintage Ludwig, Multisampled Drums & Percussion
Ultrakord | An '80s Omnichord, Modernized Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Upright | A Beautifully Programmed Double Bass Guitar & Bass
Vector | A Wavestation in Ableton Live Digital Synths
Vespine | Insane Sounds of the EDP Wasp Analog Synths
Vintage '80s Classics | Experience the Oberheim Matrix Digital Synths
Vintage Organs Vol 1 | Funk, Rock and Jazz Organs Keyboards
Vintage Organs Vol 2 | Farfisa, YC-30 and More Keyboards
Voculon 3000 | A Retro-Futuristic Vocal Machine Vocals
Voltbox | Toys Gone Haywire Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
VoxBox | Vocal Sound Design Vocals
Wavebase | Modular Morphing Wavetables Digital Synths
Waveframe | Transwave Synthesis of the Ensoniq Fizmo Digital Synths
Zodiak | 100% Moog Bass Analog Synths


Compendium and Century side-by-side comparison.

 Compendium  Puremagnetik Century
Includes everything in the Sounds Collection.
Includes all Lore releases. No Yes
Includes all future Puremagnetik releases after purchase. No Yes