Puremagnetik Help & FAQs

Feel free to send any inquiries and you will usually get a response within one business day.
Save some time and find answers to popular questions below.


Where do I download my files?

After you make a purchase, you will receive a link via email to download your packs. Our system also gives you the option to download from within your account. If you didn't set up an account during checkout, set one up here and your downloads will already be there waiting for you: https://puremagnetik.com/account/register

After login, simply click the order number and then click "Download Here".

See this quick animation for details. 

I already purchased some products from Puremagnetik. Where can I re-download those?

See above question as well. Your previous orders are already in our system. You must activate a new account with the email you used and you will be able to download your products. Activate your account: https://puremagnetik.com/account/register

Do Puremagnetik Packs work with my format?

Packs come in Live 9, Kontakt and Logic formats. All Packs are in Live 9 format. 90% of Packs are in Kontakt and Logic formats. Note that many hosts are able to translate from Kontakt’s .nki or Logic's .exs format. So your platform could very well be compatible with Puremagnetik products.

Please read the Pack description to see if your instrument is compatible.

My email is not recognized when I try to login.

We recently upgraded our system and database so that customers have access to all of their downloads in one place. If you previously had a Puremagnetik purchase, your products are already linked to your email address. You just need to activate your account by re-registering and confirming your email: https://puremagnetik.com/account/register

How do I get my monthly Spark Pack?

When you sign up for Spark, your first Pack is immediately delivered via email. Each month we come out with a new Spark Pack (around the 15th of each month) and we send out a newsletter to all Spark subscribers that the latest Pack has been added to their account. 

Why is Kontakt Player running Puremagnetik content in “Demo Mode”?

Puremagnetik content will not run in Kontakt Player outside of Demo Mode. Only NI factory distributed content will run fully functional in Kontakt Player.

Do Puremagnetik Packs work with Live Intro?

We recommend Live Standard as minimum for Puremagnetik content. Live Intro has many limitations that Puremagnetik content exceeds. Some Packs will work fine with Live Intro while others throw errors. If you like, try a Pack out in Intro - if it doesn't perform as expected we will give you a refund.

What kind of license do I get with Puremagnetik sounds? Can I use them in a commercial product?

You can use all Puremagnetik sounds in the context of a musical or sound composition, for free or commercial use. The only limitation is that you cannot sell or distribute them as standalone sounds. 

What do I do with Live 9 packs? Why is there no .alp file?

Since Ableton Live 9, only Ableton can create Live Packs that install directly into the library. Third party developers cannot. You can use Live 9’s “Places” section to organize all of your content. For instance, just create a master “Puremagnetik” folder and copy all of your Packs into there. It remains quite organized that way.