Vector | A Wavestation in Ableton Live


Vector instantly turns Ableton Live into a full blown production workstation that includes a huge library of wave sequences, attack transients and vector morphing.

Classic Digital Synth (Courtesy of Vintage Synth Explorer)

The KORG Wavestation Synthesizer was based on Sequential’s ProphetVS. The Wavestation incorporated the 2-dimensional vector joystick of the ProphetVS which allowed the user to alter and animate sounds. This great digital synth is capable of lush ambient sounds and strange effects.

Enormous Sound

Patch layering, wave sequencing and vector modulation all contribute to the huge epic sound of this sophisticated Ableton Live Pack. Use the preset library of over 50 patches and performances or create your own sounds from the library of over 300 included waveforms.

Tweak All You Want

All Vector Racks have been specially programmed for easy editing with limitless tweaking possibilities. Edit the most common parameters on the first layer of Macros or dig deeper into the rack for more fine tuned controls.

Each patch and performance rack has been carefully programmed with unique settings that fully employ the vast potential of Ableton Live. Explore new sound design techniques within Vector’s advanced array of sonic components.

Requires Ableton Live 9 and higher.