Vintage Organs Vol 2 | Farfisa, YC-30 and More


Vintage Organs Vol 2 is a compelling collection of multi-sampled organs including a Yamaha YC-30, Farfisa Pianorgan, Emenee Electric Organ, Magnus Electric Organ & Gulbransen Pump Organ.

Over 10 multisampled programs for Live will completely re-‘organize’ your sound library…. Bad jokes aside, this collection really packs a wollop! It includes a new and improved Laslo II speaker effect and Marimba Percussion Engine for Live.

Yamaha YC-30

All the drawbar tones were individually multi-sampled so that the player can adjust the blend settings. Several presets have been included to instantly access a variety of drawbar settings. The girthy bass sounds alone make this organ a marvelous instrument. Puremagnetik has additionally programmed an emulation of the portamento “pitch ribbon” for theremin-like sounds. The Ableton Live pack also includes a new version of the Laslo speaker effect rack introduced in Vintage Organs Volume 1. The Laslo II effect rack emulates the sound of a Leslie rotating speaker cabinet. There’s also an Ableton-only Marimba engine that emulates a repeating percussive effect available on the YC-30.

Farfisa Pianorgan, Emenee & Magnus Electric Organs

All having a very rich accordion type of texture, these three electric wind organs were sampled using a stereo pair as well as a close mono mic, and have been programmed to allow for blending of the sources. Puremagnetik also sampled the very plastic key release clicks (also adjustable in level). You can even adjust the level of the fan noise on each microphone!

Gulbransen Pump Organ

A gritty noisy beast! All three valve states and manual foot pumps were multi-sampled for a stereo effect and for blending to taste.

Vintage Organs Volume 2 Features

• Over 10 Multisampled programs, each with multiple layers to blend
• High Quality 24 bit samples
• Live version includes a new and improved Laslo II speaker effect and Marimba percussion engine
• Custom KSP Kontakt interface and easy-edit controls
• Logic / EXS channel strips with integrated instrument browsing

System Requirements

• Requires Ableton Live 9 and higher, Logic 9 and higher, or Kontakt 5 and higher
• 600 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space