Voculon 3000 | A Retro-Futuristic Vocal Machine

Voculon 3000 is a retro-futuristic vocal machine. By combining repitch synthesis with analog processing, Puremagnetik has created a compelling library inspired by the Mellotron and 1960s science fiction sound design.

Programmed natively for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic, Voculon 3000 easily integrates into your music production environment as a ready-to-play vocal instrument. The Ableton and Kontakt versions include freely accessible sample files for users on other platforms.




The Ableton Live Pack lets you combine 6 choir voices into thick harmonic layers. Morph between male and female layers, modulation and dynamics settings. It comes complete with Push-ready effect Macros and a handful of Ableton Operator layers.

The Voculon 3000 Kontakt Instrument loads with parallel male and female banks allowing you to easily mix and match harmonic layers. The custom KSP interface also includes envelope and effects controls.

Voculon 3000 for Logic comes with a selection of patches, powered by EXS24. Each patch has been custom tailored with Smart Controls for easy tweaking and sound manipulation.

Minimum Requirements
• Ableton Live 9.7, Kontakt 5, Logic X