Pocketone | A 1980s Toy Keyboard Duo


Pocketone celebrates two legendary toy keyboards of the 1980s - the Casio PT-82 and Yamaha VSS-30. Chosen for their simple, nostalgic and charming character, these two synthesizers have been chromatically multisampled and programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instruments. 

The Casio PT-82 was a quintessential toy keyboard of 3 decades past. Originally released in 1986 this micro-instrument came with 8 preset sounds (violin, harpsichord, organ, piano, celesta, trumpet, clarinet, flute) all of which have been expertly recorded and programmed into the Pocketone Pack. If you are interested in more legendary Casio sounds, then check out the rest of Puremagnetik's Casio collection.

The Yamaha VSS-30, originally released in 1987, boasted 11 presets and an incredibly powerful 8-bit sample engine. Among its features there included an array of effects, FM and AM modulation. Puremagnetik has carefully sampled the original onboard sounds, programmed effect macros and a KSP interface for more detailed tweaking on your desktop. 

Pocketone Includes

• A library of presets based on the original sounds of the Casio PT-82 and Yamaha VSS-30
• Over 500 individual samples
• Ableton Live, Push-ready effect and arpeggiator macros
• Kontakt KSP interface for instant sound tweaking
• Apple Logic Smart Controls and patches with seamless Logic X library integration

Minimum Requirements
• 500 MB Free Disk Space
• Ableton Live 9.7, Kontakt 5, Logic X