Harpsikord is a realistic re-production and a flexible improvement on a classic instrument. This Ableton Live Pack includes 21 keyboard programs and 50 clips all captured from an 18th century style double manual harpsichord.

Four Basic instruments use chromatic multi-sampling of the instrument in four different combinations of the upper and lower manuals. Additionally, three Multi instruments directly access individual samples for each manual, allowing you to control the volume of each with a Macro. These Racks allow you to create balanced combinations and automated changes that were never available on the actual Harpsichord.

The individual Sampler instruments that make up these Multi instruments have also been included in a Modules sub-folder.

Super instruments combine the Basic and the Multi to make rich stacks and even more combinations. These Super instruments also add some creative elements such as intelligent harmonization and separate attack times per manual.

Velo instruments utilize velocity as a flexible control for shaping combinations and effects.

Zynth instruments are where the harpsichord samples are used as raw sound source to feed a wide variety of synthetic timbres and experiments.

The Live Pack also includes a collection of 50 clips in an array of styles and tempos, using all of these unique Racks.

Harpsikord delivers an eclectic batch of tones for victorian banquet waltzes, spooky disco grooves, or lunar explorations.

• Ableton Live 9 and higher
• 660 MB of free disk space