Harpitron | A Suzuki Tronichord, Modernized.


Harpitron brings the beautifully simple sounds of the 1981 Suzuki Tronichord into the 21st century. As a precursor to the later, larger Omnichord (see Puremagnetik’s Ultrakord) the Tronichord employed a circle of fifths style layout for simple harmonic navigation and musical playability.

Puremagnetik has now resurrected this classic synthesizer and reverse engineered it for Ableton Live, Kontakt & Logic. It includes automated strumming features, grid and chromatic layouts for Ableton Push or a traditional keyboard and intricately programed articulation controls.

Harpitron Includes:

• Separate Chord and “Sonic Strings” Mixing
• Harp Style, Strum and Articulation Controls
• Grid and Chromatic Modes for Ableton Live (Optimized for Push)
• Custom Kontakt KSP Editing Interface
• Track Stacks, Patches and Smart Controls for Logic

Minimum Requirements
• Ableton Live 9.7, Kontakt 5, Logic X