Hackshop is a versatile collection of sampled blips, beeps, bumps and squeals from the circuit bent arsenal of TVS. 

TVS specializes in bending and modifying toys and equipment with echo feedback circuitry. Some of the most industrial and aggressive sounds he achieves are squeezed out of a certain Barbie karaoke machine that TVS has mastered the manipulation of.

His flagship machine known simply as The Dueling, combines two of these circuits with multiple parameter controls, as well as input and output of each circuit enabling for cross patching and running them in parallel or series. All of these options were put to use while recording sounds for Hackshop.

Puremagnetik also sampled TVS’ circuit patchable Yamaha DD-5, modified toy guitar effects machine, and custom built optical theremin. TVS has provided Puremagnetik with the unique opportunity to bring all these dark and twisted tones directly to you and your DAW for immediate sonic experimentation.

• 4 huge percussion menus
• 2 six-layer Bass instruments
• 2 six-layer Pad instruments
• Over 100 loops of percussive, textural and rhythmic sound elements

Hackshop Ableton Live Pack

Hackshop for Ableton Live has been programmed deeply into Drum Racks and Instrument Racks with tons of effects and customized Macros for quick and easy access to extremely tweakable sounds. The Textural and Rhythmic Clips all load onto audio tracks with custom Effect Racks for lush sound design and musical chemistry. The Percussive Clips load with one of the 4 Drum Racks giving you the ability to edit the MIDI performance or adjust the parameters to your liking.

Hackshop for Logic and Kontakt

The Logic version of Hackshop includes special channel strip configurations for each instrument. The Hackshop Apple Loops collection is a combination of Textural and Rhythmic Audio loops along with some Percussive SIAL’s that will load into Logic with one of the percussion menus and channel strips in place. Hackshop for Kontakt comes complete with customized KSPs for layer blending and effects parameter tweaking.


• Ableton Live 9 and higher or Kontakt 5 or higher or Logic 9 and higher
• 110 MB of free disk space