The Cube | 39 Essential Plugins

The Cube is a veritable wealth of Puremagnetik devices, boasting 39 different plugins. This comprehensive set contains an array of synthesizers, space design tools, granular processors, glitch effects, spectral processors and more.

You can get this bundle of sounds worth $800 for a fraction of the price.

All devices come in Audio Units, VST2 & VST3 formats. All OSX devices are universal M1 native and Intel compatible.

*This bundle does not include Lore

 The Cube includes the following Puremagnetik devices:

Antoka | Robotic Annihilator
Glitch, Modifier
Arkinaut | Plucked Resonator Device Synthesizer
Balloon | Lo-Fi Modulator Spatial
Bitfight 83 | Cascading Bit Reconfigurator Glitch
Cloudmaster | Spectral Space Processor Spectral
Clusters | Harmonic Tremolo Shaper Modifier
Darklands | Dystopian Soundscape Synthesizer Synthesizer
Ember | Microsound Collage Machine
Synth, Granular, Generative
Fathoms | Spectral Ambient Processor
Pitch & Time, Spatial
Flare | Spectral Ensemble Processor
Modifier, Spectral
Fog | Supernatural Drone Sampler Granular
Foomph | Deep Drum Synthesizer Synthesizer
Fusia | Pitch & Echo Blaster
Pitch & Time, Spectral
Klome | Cluster Texture Synthesizer
Synthesizer, Generative
Mimik OD | Pitch & Time Repeater with OD
Glitch, Modifier
Nighthawk | Cyberscape Dream Machine Synthesizer
Octavlord | Octave Conjuring Machine
Modifier, Pitch & Time
Paradigm | Idiophonic Percussive Generator
Synth, Generative
Parallax | Frequency Orbiting Station Pitch & Time
Parsec | 3D Perception Creature Spatial
Partikl | Particle Delay & Temporal Shifter
Glitch, Granular
Pastfabric | Micro-Memory Splicer Granular, Tape
Re-Function | Buffer Modulation Machine
Glitch, Modifier
Replicas | Creative Splice Sampler Modifier, Tape
Rust | Chromium & Iron Oxide Resonator Modifier
Shadow | Polyphonic Harmonulation Wizard
Modifier, Pitch & Time, Spatial
Shrike | Advanced Shimmer Modulator Spatial
Solveig | Hybrid Complex Oscillator Synth Synthesizer
Speektra | Retro Chipspeak Synthesizer Synthesizer
Strom | Generative Micro-Texture Synthesizer
Synthesizer, Generative
Swarm | Particle Diffusion Sampler Granular
The Barber | Harmonic Animation Slicer
Modifier, Pitch & Time
Timedream | Time Recursion Shaper Pitch & Time
Vanisher | Granular Sound Transcendence Machine
Granular, Spatial
Voga | Stochastic Strum Machine
Synthesizer, Generative
Wade | West Coast Tape Synth Synthesizer
Washout | Extreme Phase and Filter Matrix Modifier
Xodoi | Granular Drone Cloud Synthesizer
Zerone | Audio Particle Splitter
Glitch, Granular, Modifier