Nighthawk | Cyberscape Dream Machine

Timecast back to a day when synthetic musical backdrops dominated popular cinema, when ENCOM ruled the mainframe and cyberspace was mere science fiction...

Here in Brooklyn, we have spent the past month hunkered in an industrial warehouse, developing the only synth you will ever need to score a John Carpenter film.

Nighthawk is a 1980's inspired pad synth capable of generating complex, evolving sounds similar to those of the Yamaha CS-80 and Oberheim Xpander. Each Nighthawk voice is fed through a supersaw matrix of 7 oscillators that can be detuned and phase shifted against each other. The resulting synthesized sonic wall of lasers can be pulse-width morphed and modulated into fantastic tapestries of dystopian '80s cinema.


Nighthawk Controls

SHADE - Waveform character. Morphable saw or pulse waveform.

MORPH - Modulate shade amount.

BUILD - Waveform matrix detune amount

SUB - Suboctave pulse waveform.

ANIMATE- Low pass filter modulation amount. 

SPEED - Animation rate.

ONSET- Attack time

TRAIL - Release time

SPACE - Algorithmic reverb bus

BLEND - Oscillator mix. 

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host