Wade | West Coast Tape Synth

Wade is also included in the Tape Devices bundle

Meet Wade - a versatile synthesizer with some quirky tones and tape-aged character. Inspired by the "west coast" synthesis school, Wade is built around two complex oscillators — one of them a modulator too — and a lo-pass gate. While Wade doesn't aim to compete with west coast legends such as Buchla, it has a unique sound that could be compared to everything from a Casiotone to a Mellotron. 

Wade has two complex oscillators that can be morphed from saw to triangle. TIMBRE 1 can be a modulator, or it can run in parallel with the TIMBRE 2 oscillator. The CARVE control morphs between parallel voices and ring modulation. Wade also includes a lo-fi reverb with its own special plate sound. At the end of the signal chain is a cassette tape effect and filter bank that makes everything really drifty — with wow and flutter and periodic drop-outs  — as if the sound has been baking in hot California the sun. 

Wade Controls

TIMBRE - Morph between saw and triangle waveforms
CARVE - Crossfade between running both oscillators together or oscillator 1 modulating oscillator 2
GATE - Lo-pass gate shape. CCW - fast attack and staccato. CW - Slow attack and sustained.
MOD - Frequency for TIMBRE 1
SPREAD - Chorus and vibrato modulations
SPACE - Lo-fi reverb (pre-tape)
CRACKLE - Dust and debris on tape effect
BAKE - Tape effect amount

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host