Tetrad | A Quartet of Korg-Inspired Packs


Tetrad is a quartet of Korg inspired sound libraries that includes models of the Wavestation, MS-20, PolySix and a Mini Korg 700.

Tetrad comes packed with thousands of original multi-samples and custom built programs for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic.

This Bundle Includes

Analog Bass Vol 2

Analog Bass Volume 2 is a complete bass sound set focused entirely on the classic KORG MS-20 synthesizer. It includes over 250MB of pristinely sampled, analog sounds.

Vector for Ableton Live

Vector instantly turns Ableton Live into a full blown production workstation that includes a huge library of wave sequences, attack transients and vector morphing. 

*Vector is only compatible with Ableton Live.


Synth700 is a complete Korg 700 multi-sampled instrument in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic library formats. It has been expertly sampled and programmed with all of the details and nuances of the original.


SixVoice includes over 30 multisample patches from the legendary Korg PolySix synthesizer. The PolySix is famous for its huge analog basses and leads while defining its own unique sounds with Curtis chip filters, a bucket-brigade style ensemble effect and six voice unison mode.