Hyperbent | A World of Circuit-Modified Gizmos

Over 80 circuit bent and electronics hacked instrument programs. Over 200 clips. Over 500 individual multisamples. Hyperbent melds together Puremagnetik's celebrated line of glitchy, circuit bent, grit-driven instruments into one bag of tricks.


Hyperbent comes with Artifact, Hackshop, Bender, Skatik, Voltbox*, Realistik* in Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

*Voltbox and Realistik come in Ableton Live and EXS Universal format that can open in Logic, Kontakt or any other platform that can read EXS files.

This Bundle Includes

Artifact is a library of sound palettes created from digital anomalies and malfunctions. It includes 6 kits and a collection of looped clips in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument & Logic formats. Read More 

Hackshop is a versatile collection of sampled blips, beeps, bumps and squeals from the circuit bent arsenal of TVS. Read More 

Bender comes packed with over 100 phrases of looped madness, 5 percussive kit menus and various other squelching, squealing sonic elements guaranteed to satisfy the destructive streak in any producer. Read More

Skatik is a collection of instruments, sound effects, percussion kits and looped digital freak-outs sourced from a heavily circuit bent Casio SK-5. Read More

VoltBox is an Ableton Live Pack that contains 10 unique and playful Instrument Racks featuring the chaotic tones of several circuit bent toys. Read More

Realistik comes packed with 24 advanced Instrument Racks based on the sounds of a heavily circuit bent Realistic Concertmate 360 keyboard. Read More