Cyclik | Intricate Analog and Algorithmic Loops

Jump into a compilation of Puremagnetik's algorithmically generated loops, modular synths and more. Cyclik includes over 1000 looped phrases developed with academic synthesis programs and boutique analog synth modules.

Cyclik includes the following Puremagnetik Packs: Comput0 Synths, Comput0 Beats, Analog Automata & Modular Patterns. 


Cyclik Features

• Over 1000 Loops generated from algorithmic programs and modular synthesizers.
• Push-ready Macro assignments for detailed sound sculpting.
• Pre-assigned KSP controls for instant tweaking and loop manipulation in Kontakt
• Apple Loop format allows any audio host to use Cyclik.

Comput0 Synths
A library of over 500 electronic clips generated in the legendary Csound music synthesis language - which many argue “is one of the most powerful audio programming languages available to electroacoustic composers today". Read More 

Comput0 Beats
Comput0 Beats is the second installment in Puremagnetik’s Comput0 series - a collection of sounds built from the raw sound design power of the Csound programming language. Read More 

Modular Patterns
Modular Patterns is a grab bag of over 300 pure analog phrases and expressions recorded through a variety of boutique and legendary modular synthesizers. Read More 

Analog Automata
A collection of looped bass, percussion and texture clips sourced from a wide variety of analog modules. Analog Automata includes over 350 audio loops, expertly recorded from modular synthesizers and programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Apple Logic sample instrument. Read More