Xodoi | Granular Drone Cloud

Xodoi is also included in the Ambient Suite bundle

Xodoi is a drone and texture generator that employs classical granular synthesis to create dense, glassy washes of cascading sounds. It can be used as an FM drone synth, a soundscape creator and can even be used as a conventional dual-oscillator synthesizer. 

At Xodoi's heart is a primitive FM engine that allows you to morph between the carrier and modulator waveforms simultaneously. The results of this synthesis are then fed into a granular resynthesis branch that analyses the audio and decouples it into tiny fragments (grains) of sound. You can then control the density, and amount of granular texture. Thus, any alterations made to the synthesized sound are subsequently reflected in the grain cloud. 

Some tips for using Xodoi
• Use automation to modulate Xodoi. Although there are some hard-wired modulators, it sounds best with slowly modulating automation of DENSITY and COLOR. 
• Chain delay and reverb after Xodoi. The glassy sounds of Xodoi sound amazing through some nice spacial effects.
• Turn "CLOUD" all the way down and just use Xodoi as a simple FM drone synth
• Turn "CLOUD" all the way up to just use the granular output of XODOI. You can then tweak the synthesis parameters to get different grain cloud textures. 




Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host