Space Kit brings together 4 of Puremagnetik's space and perception altering devices. Designed to animate incoming audio through phase manipulation, echo chambers, vocoders and more, each one of the devices in Space Kit has been been created to help you sculpt hyper-sensory spatial development of your audio.  

All Space Kit plugins are M1 native compatible and come in VST/VST3 and audio-units formats for OSX and Windows.

Space Kit comes with:

Parallax | Frequency Orbiting Station. Parallax is a unique effect that is part vocoder and part echo/reverb matrix. It can create subtle, modulating filter effects that swell and transform through beautiful, algorithmic spaces. At its heart is a 10-band filterbank that can be shifted in real time to bring out resonances, shift tonal balance and animate specific frequencies.

Mimik OD | Pitch & Time Repeater with OD. Mimik OD is a temporal and tonal manipulation machine designed to help you explore the microsonic aspects of whatever you feed it. Mimik OD records your incoming audio to a short buffer that you can tweak, bend and stutter to completely alter your rhythms and sounds.

Timedream | Time Recursion ShaperFrom slow evolving choruses to springy, glitch pitch-shifting, Timedream comes packed with an array of sound manipulation tools for taking your recordings into the time sequence of dreams.

Parsec | 3D Perception Creature. Parsec is a spatial manipulation device designed to make sounds scatter throughout the stereo field in 3 dimensions. Using minute phase offsets and filtering, Parsec takes sounds and distributes them throughout the X, Y and Z coordinates of spatial perception.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host