Shrike | Advanced Shimmer Modulator

Shrike is an advanced shimmer designer. It processes an octave-shifted reverb through a matrix of 4 LFOs to create pulsating, fluctuating space effects. Between the different LFO settings (rate and waveform) you can generate cross-modulation from the controls, getting pulses and swell patterns that never repeat.

For example, it is interesting to set different rates per control for overlapping, modulating spaces. Or turn the LFO rates toward the fastest speed for amplitude modulation artifacts. A slapback delay adds to the sound design possibilities as you can adjust it according to your spatial feedback needs.

Shrike Controls & Quick Start
DECAY - Reverb length with LFO control. Includes BPM-synced SPEED and waveform controls.
DRAW - Controls amount of modulation through the reverb and creates a tremolo type effect. Speed controls the speed of the modulation (BPM-synced).
FEEDBACK - Slapback echo amount. Right and Left channels are offset by a few milliseconds for spatialization/phase effects.
TONE - Reverb filter with LFO control. Includes BPM-synced SPEED and waveform controls.  
BLEND - Dry/Wet mix with LFO control. Includes BPM-synced SPEED and waveform controls.  
Minimum Requirements

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host