Help and FAQs

Help & FAQs

Login and Account

My email is not recognized when I try to login.

I already purchased some products from Puremagnetik. Where can I re-download those?

Pack Downloads, Lore and Century

Where do I download my files?

Where do I download my Lore products?

I'm a Century customer, where do I download my Lore and other files?

I bought a Bandcamp album with a plugin and cannot find it.

My downloads are broken or keep timing out.

My account does not show all of the products I have purchased.

I have exceeded my download limits. Help!

When are you releasing the next Lore update?

Can I keep Lore after my membership ends?

What is Lore and how does it work?

File Formats, Plugins, Installation Troubleshooting

In Windows, my host (Cubase, Machine, FL Studio etc) does not recognize or play the VST.

Do Puremagnetik Packs work with my format?

Why is Kontakt Player running Puremagnetik content in “Demo Mode”?

Do Puremagnetik Packs work with Live Intro?

How do I Install Live Packs?

How do I load Puremagnetik Kontakt instruments? Why don't they show up in the library?

Ableton Live error : The preset cannot be loaded. It is probably broken.

Where do I find Puremagnetik Sounds in Logic?

I installed a VST but it does not show up in Windows.

Can I use Puremagnetik plugins in Pro Tools?

Are Puremagnetik products M1 Silicon Compatible?

Billing and Payments

Spark wants me to pay again!?

I accidentally made a double purchase.

I think I was charged on a date I don't recognize.

How do I cancel Lore?

Other Questions

What kind of license do I get with Puremagnetik sounds? Can I use them in a commercial product?

Are you hiring?

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