Welcome LANDR customers! As part of LANDR's special promo we have bundled together two of our favorite sound design plugins, Flare and Fusia. Normally $40, use your coupon code from LANDR to get both of these devices for free.

Flare is a spectral ensemble effect based on the bucket-brigade delay line. It combines a waveshaper, multi-tap delay and tremolo into a simple musical tool with a ton of features under the hood. Dial in a dreamy chorus reminiscent of classic string machines, a Chebyshev style waveshaping distortion, auto-tremolo, spectral blurring and more. Learn More about Flare

Fusia is a unique multi-tool designed to sculpt sounds that shimmer and reflect, freeze and distort, delay and scatter. Working in the spectral domain Fusia is a one octave up/down pitch shifter that grabs the incoming audio signal and routes it however you choose - through a waveshaper, a delay line, a spectral freeze and a random function. Learn more about Fusia