• Filmscape is a sound design toolset for film and game composers.
  • The Filmscape Ableton Live Pack and Kontakt Instruments

Filmscape | Wild Sounds for Games & Picture

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Filmscape comes loaded with over 3GB of sound design and soundscape toolsets for composers, film scorers and intrepid experimentalists. Packed with menus of metallic slams, horrific environments, cinematic textures and transition effects, Filmscape is a comprehensive collection of essential sounds for games, film, television or other media.

Filmscape comes with Infinite Spaces, Grainscapes, Metalsphere and Technosphere in Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

This Bundle Includes

Metalsphere | Soundscape Toolbox for Film and Games

Metalsphere is a sound design toolbox of intense soundscapes, suspenseful textures and horrific environments.


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Technosphere | Dark Textures for Film Scoring

Technosphere is a toolbox of over 100 dark, twisted soundscapes, transition effects and ambiences. Perfect for television/film scoring, atmosphere creation and creative sound design.


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Infinite Spaces | An Odyssey in Space and Sound

Infinite Spaces is an odyssey in space and sound, built with responses generated from legendary space simulation equipment.


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Grainscapes | Granular Sound Design Experiments

Grainscapes is a collection of haunting, granular synthesized cinematic textures and ambiences for scoring or sound design applications.


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