• Cloudmaster | Spectral Space Processor

Cloudmaster | Spectral Space Processor

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This month's Spark plugin is Cloudmaster and is available exclusively for Spark subscribers. You will get it immediately when you sign up for Spark along with new plugins every month. Learn more about Spark.


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Cloudmaster is a multifunction space processor, capable of everything from algorithmic reverb to glacial ambient washes that stretch to infinity. It is a segment looper, a spectral blurring tool, a waveshaper, a pitch shifter and much more. For sound designers, ambient producers and experimental sonic artists Cloudmaster is a self-contained toolbox designed to help you excel in your craft. 

Cloudmaster Controls & Quick Start

WINDOWS - These are two segment loopers with fixed beginning points (the beginning of the 3 second audio buffer) and variable end points. Adjust them to get overlapping phrases of the incoming audio. We didn’t implement a crossfade here because it is audible. Move them slightly if you get some clicking or other artifacts.

RANGE - Analog-style pitch scaling. 1.0 is no pitch scaling. 2.0 is an octave. Everything in between is for your ears to decide!

BLUR - Spectral Blur amount that smears all amplitudes and frequencies.

SPACE - Algorithmic reverb send level

FUZZ - Post-reverb Chebyshev waveshaper. Use this with the XOVER to get some low-end grit.

XOVER - Waveshaping crossover freq. Essentially a low pass filter. Sweep this up to get more of the input frequency going through the waveshaper.

DAMP - Reverb high frequency dampening

SIZE - Reverb room size/depth

BOOST - Post-reverb gain. Use this to adjust the output volume after the reverb.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host