• Boris Salchow - Stars
  • Boris Salchow - Stars
  • Boris Salchow - Stars
  • Boris Salchow - Stars
  • Boris Salchow - Stars

Boris Salchow - Stars

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Catalog Number: PM05
Release Date​: January 21, 2020
Formats: Digital, Cassette
Edition: 70

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Puremagnetik is pleased to announce the release of Stars by award-winning composer Boris Salchow.

Stars​ is an experience in immersion and self-reflection. It is Salchow at his most personal - a world of layers, colors, and shifting clouds of sound that is full of kinetic activity. 

Also a master sound designer, Salchow’s experimental works are wrapped into sophisticated compositions, embellished with tonal garnishes, timbres and sensations that immediately captivate the listener. Salchow understands immersion, psychoacoustics and how to create a sonic journey.

Starshooks you, gently. The first sounds – rain recorded in the Mojave desert in an almost ASMR-like fashion, paired with a prepared piano melody, opens the door into Salchow’s world, which is full of ripples, echoes and casual detours. This is ambient music of a special kind, a world of layers, colors, and shifting clouds of sounds that is full of kinetic activity. Here, there is a pinpoint pluck, there a keyboard hammer taps a string, atonal, radiophonic sounds pass through—is that a signal from space?—a bird calls in the distant night in “Desert Beach.” Is it a bird, though, or a figment of the imagination?

There is a story here, and it’s one the listener tells. Salchow has bypassed expectations that he would produce a narrative, a score for an imaginary film. Tracks like “We And Us,” “First Home,” and “Thought I am Sinking” are sonic art direction for scenes that the listener fills in, rooms in a memory palace that Salchow has designed.

Starsreverberates. Yes, that’s an essential characteristic of ambient music. But these undulating waves are more than the reflections from an uncanny surface. Press play and look into the sonic pool that is Stars. Watch, with your ears and your mind’s eye, as the reflection of your internal self transforms across time and dimensions. We are made of stars, the stars are ours, and Boris Salchow’s Stars is an immersion in endless space.