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  • Bluejay vintage synth jp8080 vst plugin

Bluejay | Supersaw Generator Device

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 Demo created only with Bluejay and Ableton Live effects.

Bluejay is a simple yet powerful supersaw synth inspired by the famous Roland JP8000. It includes not only a supersaw function but also a super-square wave algorithm. The shape of the saw and square wave is also morphable via the "Character" macro. From mega leads to thick basses and sharp synth stabs, Bluejay is a fun and creative way to tap into some of the most definitive sounds in electronic music history. 

A supersaw is a waveform consisting of a number of slightly detuned sawtooth waves superimposed. This waveform is used particularly for lead and bass sounds in EDM genres. It produces a characteristic buzzing sound which is sharp in the treble, but not thin in the bass like a conventional sawtooth can be.

The supersaw was originally popularized by the Roland JP-8000 virtual analog synth in the 1990s. It saw a revival in the mid-2000s as many soft synths and more recent virtual analog synths included the ability to produce the waveform. It is characteristic of dubstep, trance, techno and many other popular EDM sub-genres.

Bluejay Features
• Classic super-saw and offset of 7 simultaneous oscillators
• "Super-square" array of simultaneous square wave oscillators
• Morphable oscillators
• Moog style low pass filter with preset "Animation" controls
• Contour adjustment
• Fine tuning of Supersaw/square mix

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host