Classic Keys, Upright Basses, Vocals and More.

The Blue Tone Collection includes over 3.5 gigabytes of samples and hundreds of instruments and loops - all geared toward productive music making with a jazz inspired tilt. Designed with the electronic producer in mind, The Blue Tone Collection comes packed with classic instruments all programmed with modern sound sculpting capabilities.

The Blue Tone Collection is loaded with a Ludwig multi-sampled acoustic drum kit, vibraphones, marimbas, Wurlitzers, organs and more. It includes over 3 Gigabytes, 9 packs and thousands of samples.

The Blue Tone Collection Includes

Mark Two Berlin - a distinctively unique and versatile instrument recorded from a restored Fender Rhodes MKII. It was salvaged from a Berlin collector and brought back to life after many months of restoration. Read More

Vintage Organs Vol 1 -  includes 2 classic Ace Tone models - the GT7 and the Phenix Top-4. Puremagnetik’s team of sound designers have meticulously assembled these two instruments with all of the bells and whistles of the originals.  Read More

LadyVox - an expertly recorded collection of multisampled female voice programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instruments. It includes a palette of sustained vowels, doo-wop phrases and special vocal effects. Read More

PM-200 - a hi resolution multi-velocity instrument aimed at recapturing the authentic character and tone of the classic Wurlitzer 200A. It has been recorded in precise detail with multiple velocity zones to emulate the original's many nuances.  Read More

Upright - a beautifully recorded double bass instrument that comes packed with a multi-sample palette of articulations including plucked and traditional bow. In addition, Upright includes a number of unique synthetically enhanced instruments for electronic music or sound design applications.  Read More

Guitar Rack Volume 3 - includes a collection of highly expressive guitar instruments as recorded from a classic 1963 Guild Starfire hollow body. Slides, hammer-ons, staccato and jazz articulations are all available as menu items in this versatile and masterfully recorded library. Read More

MalletPak One - a collection of 13 multi-sampled marimba instruments. It was recorded in a reflective room with a pair of Shure KSM32s in an ORTF configuration to capture the wide stereo field of the instrument. Four different mallet types were used with multiple hits for round-robin triggering and several velocity layers each.  Read More

MalletPak Two - a collection of 13 multisampled vibraphone programs scrupulously recorded using a magnetic pickup and preamp to achieve a pristine tone. It has been programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instruments.  Read More

TrapKit - a vintage 1960’s Ludwig drum set recorded in a large reflective room with a vast array of microphones. It has been painstakingly programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic Library.  Read More