• Balloon | Lo-Fi Modulator

Balloon | Lo-Fi Modulator

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This month's Spark plugin is Balloon and is available exclusively for Spark subscribers. You will get it immediately when you sign up for Spark along with new plugins every month. Learn more about Spark.


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Balloon is an advanced modulation effect inspired by the Caroline Somersault pedal. With just a few controls it functions as a spacious chorus, a slap-back delay, tremolo, spatializer and a unique echo effect. Use it on guitar, voice and synths to fatten up their stereo spectrum and add ever-modulating life to their sound. Or get experimental with the controls and explore all of the sonic possibilities Balloon has to offer.


DEPTH - Amount of modulation.

SPEED - Speed of modulation.

TONE - Low pass filter for modulated signal only.

SHIFT - Phase shift for right channel's modulator to create stereo effects.

OFFSET - Delay the effect signal by up to 2 seconds.

MIX - Balance between the dry and wet signals.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host