Back to School Sounds

When you head back to school this year, Puremagnetik has got your sound library covered! We've bundled together an essential collection of sounds designed to kick-start your music productivity this semester. Through September 10th, get 9 Packs - over 2GB of sounds and over $130 in value.

Each sound pack comes in Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic formats.*

From drum kits to drum machines, bass guitars to vintage synths, pianos to glitch devices, Back to School Blast covers your instrument needs for all types of music making this season.

It includes Aleph I, Big Bertha, Analog Drums, TrapKit, Digital Beatboxes, Kardoni, PM-70, alphaSynth and Teex in Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

You can also access the raw audio sample files for other applications from within the Ableton .zip download.

This Back to School Bundle Includes

Aleph I 
The Alpha Juno remains a dark horse of synthesizer history. Now you can tap into the Alpha Juno's signature 1980s strings, pianos, pads, basses and leads.
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Big Bertha
Big Bertha is a custom built 6-string Maillet electric bass that has a classic, deep and funky tone.
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Analog Drums
Analog Drums is a collection of percussives captured from modular analog systems. It includes an assortment of expertly programmed kits and looped clips.
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Digital Beatboxes
Digital Beatboxes is a collection of four old-school digital drum machines that helped define an era in hip-hop, rock and electronica.
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TrapKit is a vintage 1960’s Ludwig drum set recorded in a large reflective room with a vast array of microphones.
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PM-70 is 8 multi-sampled instruments emulating the Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano and its rich variety of tones.
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alphaSynth is a library of old-school computer sounds sourced from an 8-bit Apple ][ and Alpha Syntauri music system.
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Like the legendary DX7, the TX81Z was a powerful and incredibly influential piece of gear in its day. Now, Puremagnetik has harnessed the inner workings of this synth, extracted some of the best sounds and wrapped them up in over 30 patches optimized for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic Pro.
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Kardoni captures the spirit of the original ARP Omni Mk2 in a library of programs that deliver this legend right to your desktop.
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