Cloudmaster | Spectral Space Processor

Cloudmaster is also included in the Spectral Suite bundle

Cloudmaster is a multifunction space processor, capable of everything from algorithmic reverb to glacial ambient washes that stretch to infinity. It is a segment looper, a spectral blurring tool, a waveshaper, a pitch shifter and much more. For sound designers, ambient producers and experimental sonic artists Cloudmaster is a self-contained toolbox designed to help you excel in your craft. 

Cloudmaster Controls & Quick Start
WINDOWS - These are two segment loopers with fixed beginning points (the beginning of the 3 second audio buffer) and variable end points. Adjust them to get overlapping phrases of the incoming audio. We didn’t implement a crossfade here because it is audible. Move them slightly if you get some clicking or other artifacts.
RANGE - Analog-style pitch scaling. 1.0 is no pitch scaling. 2.0 is an octave. Everything in between is for your ears to decide!
BLUR - Spectral Blur amount that smears all amplitudes and frequencies.
SPACE - Algorithmic reverb send level
FUZZ - Post-reverb Chebyshev waveshaper. Use this with the XOVER to get some low-end grit.
XOVER - Waveshaping crossover freq. Essentially a low pass filter. Sweep this up to get more of the input frequency going through the waveshaper.
DAMP - Reverb high frequency dampening
SIZE - Reverb room size/depth
BOOST - Post-reverb gain. Use this to adjust the output volume after the reverb.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host