Generative Devices brings together 5 of Puremagnetik's acclaimed self-evolving synthesizers. This suite of devices creates everything from granular texturizers to microsound collages to idiophonic percussion and stochastic strings.

Use these tools to create new musical ideas while piloting the control of timbres, articulations and scales. Each device can be animated for parameter modulation and mutation, creating complex textures and clusters of sounds. Additionally, each synthesizer in the suite has been designed to complement one another. Use them in parallel to create tempo-synced interactions and dynamic musical fluctuations.

Generative Devices is also included in the Century bundle

Generative Devices comes with:

Ember | Microsound Collage Machine. Ember is a sophisticated microsound collage tool that employs granular resynthesis to configure complex sound composites. Inspired by musique concrète pioneers of the past several decades, Ember harnesses modern digital algorithms with classic splicing techniques to create dense and evolving soundscapes. Learn More


Voga | Stochastic Strum Machine. Voga is a Karplus-Strong reso-pluck synthesizer that can create new musical phrases on its own. It will generate variable yet musical strumming patterns based on just a few settings. Voga can create anything from plucked melodic phrases to ambient guitar arpeggios. Learn More


Strom | Generative Micro-Texture Synthesizer. Strom is a physically modeled string and plucked voice combined with a filtered noise generator. The synthesis section sums into a granular processor for advanced micro texture creation. Strom excels at creating tense, pizzicato textures and resonant scrapes. Learn More

Paradigm | Idiophonic Percussive Generator. Paradigm creates a world of texture, soft, glassy resonances and inter-folding synth-scapes. It is a generative piece of sound and art that can be used within your host application however you wish. Move elements to change timbre, color and density - or automate the spheres to generate an endless ambient soundscape. Learn More

Klome | Cluster Texture Synthesizer. Klome is a generative, texture synthesizer that creates cluster pulses of wooden and metallic idiophones. It combines filters and physically-modeled voices with tonal subtractive synthesis drones. Learn More

*All devices are Apple Silicon compatible

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST or VST 3 compatible audio host