Strom | Generative Micro-Texture Synthesizer

Strom is a physically modeled string and plucked voice combined with a filtered noise generator. The synthesis section sums into a granular processor for advanced micro texture creation.

Strom excels at creating tense, pizzicato textures and resonant scrapes. Combined with the built-in granular processor, Strom can create an electrifying palette of textural ambiences..

Sound design and programming by Micah Frank
Artwork by Dan Meth
All Lores are open source and available on Github under (CC BY-NC 4.0).


Shown in video - Strom as a plugin in Ableton Live processed with a bit of Live's built-in reverb.

Minimum Requirements

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host