Etappe | Geometric Delay Console

Etappe is a complete geometric delay workstation. Using the Golden Ratio series Etappe can create intricate echo complexities and mathematically beautiful reflections.

Developed with Puremagnetik artist and composer An Moku, Etappe delivers a wealth of extended features for delay design. With 14 unique delay stages, each equipped with its own versatile multimode filter, panning, and reverse controls, the possibilities for sound manipulation are endless. 

By employing two parallel chains of stages, audio can be processed through a rich matrix of reflections that never overlap, creating a complex network of repetitions. 

The multimode filter offers a variety of options for filtering, including low pass, band pass, and high pass filters. This allows for routing the high frequencies of a sound through one delay line, and the low frequencies through another, or creating a complex bandpass filterbank for the entire sound with varying delay offsets for each bank. With such versatility, the sound design possibilities are extensive.

Each delay line comes equipped with a reverse feature, allowing for even more intricate sound design when combined with the filterbank and multiple delay offsets.

And finally, each delay line has a discreet panning option allowing you to spatially set your sound stage among the wealth of other sound design features. From intricate multi-tap sequences to tactile patterning rhythms, Etappe is a versatile tool for exploring hidden sounds contained within this divine series of numbers.

Etappe Controls Explained

Each vertical slider in Etappe is assigned to a factor within the Golden Ratio — a mathematically harmonious ratio, not only for music but for art, architecture and several other disciplines. Each of these sliders affects the feedback level of that delay factor — calculated by the BPM of the host session. 

Above each slider is a filter drop-down menu and cutoff frequency control. Use these to select whether that particular delay line is in low pass, high pass or band pass mode.

The "R" button below each slider toggles reverse mode for that delay line. Each delay line also includes a discreet panning control.

STAGE 1 & STAGE 2 controls two separate delay matrices. STAGE 2 has a "golden" offset of 1618 milliseconds.

BLEND mixes between the dry and delayed signals. We do suggest turning BLEND to 100% sometimes for thick ambiences and texture design!

DELAY GAIN is an extra output boost for the delay signal — to help it sit in the mix better, if needed.

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64 (Puremagnetik Plugins run as M1/2 Native)
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host