Drejin | Grain Silhouette Shaper

The Drejin Grain Silhouette Shaper is an innovative tool for manipulating sound through triggering a granular cloud based on specified thresholds and envelopes. This allows for the creation of granular echoes or silhouettes of the original audio signal, resulting in unique textures and granular slap-back reflections. With its capabilities, it is perfect for producing textural swells, ambient spaces, and intricate echoes from buffered content.

Drejin Features:

• Utilizes an innovative, synchronized granular engine
• Offers 11 independent controls for extensive sound design exploration
• Features a built-in delay matrix with precise time and feedback adjustments
• Can produce compact clusters of textures or elongated, slowed-down clouds
• Features a "Jumble" control for random patch generation.



Drejin Controls:

Adjust the THRESH slider to a point just short of where the audio signal peaks. This will trigger the envelope for the grain processor.

You can also adjust the INPUT control to get more signal into Drejin.

The envelope section includes ATTACK, DURATION and DECAY controls. These are the onset, duration and decay values for the amplitude envelope of the triggered grain cloud.

Once the audio crosses the THRESH, the grain cloud will follow the contour of the amplitude envelope.

REPEAT adjusts the delay feedback amount

SPEED adjusts the delay rate of the grain cloud

SIZE fixes the grain particle size between 0.01 AND 2 seconds

LENGTH adjusts how much of the playback buffer is accessed. Use this to create short stutters or longer buffer playbacks.

ECHO controls the overall amount of grain cloud sent to the delay bus

CLOUD alters the rate of playback without altering pitch — a wonderful function for smearing sounds or creating glitches.

DENSITY represents the grain cloud density — how many particles sound at once.

HINT: Try to find a high/low balance between the granular controls SIZE, DENSITY, CLOUD. The higher values are there if you need them, but if they are all high, it could overload the granular engine and create audio crackles.

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64 (Puremagnetik Plugins run as M1/2 Native)
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host