Vanisher | Granular Sound Transcendence Machine

Vanisher is also included in the Granular Suite bundle

Vanisher is a granular audio processor and spatial effect that blurs the lines between the cosmic and the worldly. It takes any sound you feed it, chops it up into microscopic particles and re-configures it in time and space. You can create phase-induced 3D audio effects, granular blurring, glitching and much more.

With GHOST you can control the particle size (and speed) of each segment of buffered audio. Clockwise = larger particles, Counterclockwise = smaller particles.

The SPECTRUM control alters the frequency range of the granular effect

TRANSCEND works directly on the granular engine and controls particle pitch modulation.

VANISH offsets phase and amplitude modulation amount and rate. It controls the spatial processor for 3D sound manipulation. 

VST2, VST3, Audio Units
Native M1 compatible

Minimum Requirements

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host