Modlab | Experimental Effects Suite

Modlab is an experimental effects suite that brings four of Puremagnetik's latest generation sound processing devices to your next session.

From warping spatial sound to vintage tape and particle effects to ethereal, modulating soundscapes, Modlab delves into the inner workings of your audio and transforms it into limitless sound design possibilities.

Sphine | Reflection Harvester. Not your usual reverb, Sphine is an echo harvester for designing bending spaces, shimmering atmospheres and endless sound washes. Its reflection matrix can produce everything from a beautiful room tone to an ethereal spiral of echoes.

Later | West Coast Mod Box. Explore Later — a modulation box designed to bring warm modulations to a sunny day. With individual band-pass filters and dynamic modulation, Later takes incoming audio and provides the controls to modulate it on a micro or macro level. 

Twine | Lossy Multieffects Mixer. Twine is a versatile, low fidelity, lossy, multi-effects mixer. Packed with six separate effect algorithms, Twine will warp and bend your incoming audio signal into all sorts of aural dissections. Each effect has a Mood control that alters the fundamental algorithm while a Chance control affects the probability that the algorithm will come through the mix. 

Taska | Modulation Control Board. From subtle overdriven shimmers to wildly modulating phasers, Taska is a control center for generating a trove of inspiring sound sculpting effects. At its heart is a finely tuned, musical distortion circuit, a band-pass filter and a broadband tremolo.

VST2, VST3, Audio Units
Native M1 compatible