Twine | Lossy Multieffects Mixer

Twine is a versatile, low fidelity, lossy, multi-effects mixer. Packed with six separate effect algorithms, Twine will warp and bend your incoming audio signal into all sorts of aural dissections. Each effect has a Mood control that alters the fundamental algorithm while a Chance control affects the probability that the algorithm will come through the mix. This creates constantly evolving, mutable, effects chains that will modify your sound in pleasantly unpredictable ways.

Twine Effects Explained:

WARP DESCRIPTION : A classic analog "tape" warp that creates slight pitch shifts, wows and flutters.
WARP — Wet/Dry Control for WARP Algorithm. 
WARP MOOD — Modifies high pass filter and subtle distortion settings

CRUNCH DESCRIPTION : Lofi digital distortion algorithm with mild bit crunching.
CRUNCH: Wet/Dry Control for CRUNCH Algorithm.
CRUNCH MOOD — Controls the amount of bit crushing.

SKIP DESCRIPTION : Granular buffer reprocessing. Retriggers sections of buffered material and alters their space/time parameters.
SKIP MOOD :  Changes grain frequencies and grain sizes.

GHOST DESCRIPTION : A light feedback matrix that produces phase offsets and sonic "doppelgängers" 😱
GHOST : Wet/Dry Control for GHOST algorithm.
GHOST MOOD : Changes various feedback parameters of GHOST algorithm.

BAUD DESCRIPTION : A ring modulation effect combined with spectral blurring.
BAUD : Wet/Dry Control for BAUD algorithm.
BAUD MOOD : Affects spectral blur amount

PULSE DESCRIPTION : A tremolo effect between Wet and Dry mixes. Adds everything from shimmering modulations to turning Twine into a pulse driven effects bus.
PULSE : Wet/Dry Control for PULSE algorithm
PULSE MOOD : Alters rate of pulsing.

CHANCE for each control affects the probability that the effect will be activated. For example: turn it completely clockwise so that the effect is always on, or turn it to 12 o'clock so that the effect passes through 50% of time.



• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64 (Puremagnetik Plugins run as M1/2 Native)
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host