Decimation Tools Volume 1 is a collection of advanced bit processors, distortions, resonators and sonic animation tools. It is a comprehensive bundle of devices designed to launch your sounds into the shimmering outer-reaches or traversing terrains of modulating distortion-scapes. Decimation Tools Volume 1 includes Bitfight '83, Antoka, Rust, Clusters and The Barber.

Bitfight '83 | Cascading Bit Reconfigurator.
Inspired by 1980s video games, bit-smashing effects and the Commodore 64, Bitfight 83 is part distortion machine, part lo-fi chip emulator. But Bitfight 83 is more than just a bit crusher. 

Antoka | Robotic Annihilator. Antoka is a bit crusher, foldover resampler and AM/FM crossfader that completely annihilates anything you throw at it. Inspired by legendary guitar pedals that employ ring modulation, envelope following and distortion, Antoka was designed to bring a wealth of tonal capabilities to your session. Dial up extreme bit crushing effects for complete destruction or trim some subtle AM overtones.

Rust | Chromium & Iron Oxide Resonator. Rust is a hybrid metallic resonator and vintage analog aging effect. It combines a series of second-order resonant filters, a "ball-within-the-box" physically modelled space, and Puremagnetik's analog age effect from Driftmaker and Verv.  

Clusters | Harmonic Tremolo Shaper. Clusters is a creative modulation tool that shapes incoming audio to dynamically pulsate, shimmer and fluctuate. It uses a traditional tremolo signal path that can be augmented with ring modulation, frequency band shifting and animation controls.

The Barber | Harmonic Animation Slicer. Not your typical sound stylist, The Barber excels at slicing, distorting, chopping and forming new harmonic structures. He is a multi-dimensional sound processor for generating new sound design ideas and melodic modulations.