The Barber | Harmonic Animation Slicer

The Barber is also included in the Decimation Tools Vol. 1 bundle

Not your typical sound stylist, The Barber excels at slicing, distorting, chopping and forming new harmonic structures. He is a multi-dimensional sound processor for generating new sound design ideas and melodic modulations.

Use The Barber as an octaver, a distortion, a tremolo, arpeggiator or filter. Then combine all of these effects for a huge palette of interesting sonic possibilities.

The signal first passes through a waveshaper that can add rich harmonics and distortion to incoming audio. These overtones are then routed through a variable modulating filter and a pitch shifter. The pitch shifter can be tuned to frequency scaling or semitone transposition. The fun part begins when you choose minor or major voicings and animate through them at bpm-synced steps!

The Barber Controls & Quick Start


BUZZ - Waveshaper amount

FILTER - Low-pass filter crossover for BUZZ signal

SHARPEN - FILTER modulation amount. Combine this with SPEED for filter swells and modulations.

SPEED- FILTER modulation rate

SEMI/PITCH - Pitch shift in semitones or scale the incoming frequency.

RATE - Harmonic animation rate. Controls the LFO speed of the animation.

SEQ MODE - Major or minor animation.


RANGE - Semitone span of animation. This introduces a 3rd, 5th, octave, 7th up and down from the incoming pitch.

SLICE - Controls the speed of the LFO on MIX.

MIX - Blend between dry/wet signals

Minimum Requirements

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host