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Drum synths, granular effects, rephrasers, pitch shifters and more! Get Puremagnetik plugins for 50% off.

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Puremagnetik's flagship sound design workstation. Explore an entire world of spectral processing, granular manipulation and microsonic synthesis.

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Vintage analog synths, keyboards, drum sets, glitch consoles and so much more. Explore Puremagnetik's massive catalog of sounds for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic and jump into an ocean of new ideas! 

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Get all plugins and sound packs Puremagnetik releases until year 2123! That's the entire Puremagnetik catalog, all sounds, plugins and bundles for 100 years. The Century is Puremagnetik's ultimate bundle and includes over 30 Gigabytes of sounds, 90 Packs and all Plugins, including Lore.

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Compendium X — Save 50% on All Sounds Bundle

Get every sound library Puremagnetik has ever made. That's over 30 Gigabytes and over 100 instruments, ready to play on your desktop in Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

Each pack also includes raw audio files that are available for import into other applications and hardware.

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