Omiharp | Electronic Strum Machine

Omiharp is an electronic strumming instrument inspired by the legendary 1981 Suzuki Omnichord, capable of playing enchanting sounds across a spectrum of timbres.

Going beyond the original Omnichord, Omiharp uses an advanced physically-modeled plucking voice with a series of timbre controls. This voice is then arpeggiated through a tremolo and delay circuit. Puremagnetik has extended this functionality to include various strum and finger picking patterns. You can choose from the classic up and down patterns but also choose up and down, thumb first, "mirror" and random strumming modes.

Omiharp Features:

• A physically-modelled "pluck" sound engine that can emulate anything from harp to acoustic guitar sounds
• An array of tone and timbre sculpting controls
• A built-in strum pattern generator with 5 variations
• Pattern scale selection for 7 popular musical scales
• Effects include a multi-tap delay and tremolo

Omiharp Controls Explained:

PLUCK — alters the initial attack timbre of the harp voice, from darker to more brittle and pronounced.

PICK — Slightly alters the sound from fingered to picked.

REFLECT — Controls harp dampening and internal resonance

TREMOLO — Controls tremolo rate and amount. Set to a minimum VALUE for little to no tremolo.

UP — Plays the scale up one time
DOWN — Plays the scale down one time
UP/DN — Plays the scale up then down one time
1ST-UP - Plays the scale alternating between root and next note upwards
MIRROR — Plays the scale alternating between upward and downward notes, beginning from the lowest and highest notes.
RANDOM — Each key press generates a new random pattern from the scale

SCALE - Choose from Major, Minor, Dom 7th, Major 7th, Min 7th, Diminished and Augmented scales

TONE — Low-pass filter control based on Moog ladder filter

RESO — Low pass filter resonance

DECAY — Amplitude envelope decay for the auto-harp

RATE (Tempo) — Control strum rate based on multiples of host's quarter note (bpm) value.

RATE (HZ) — Control strum rate manually in cycles per second.

ECHO TIME — Controls rate of delay

REPEATS — Controls feedback of delay

ECHO SEND — Acts as Dry/Wet for delay. Controls harp signal sent to delay.

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64 (Puremagnetik Plugins run as M1/2 Native)
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host