Bunkir | Gatebox Processor

Bunkir is a processor that takes inspiration from the renowned Elektron Machinedrum Gatebox reverb. It features a combination of a reverb processor, a gate trigger, and an envelope generator. With this powerful combination, Bunkir is able to produce dynamically changing spatial effects and create unique sound design textures.

Similar to the Machinedrum's Gatebox reverb, Bunkir excels in its ability to generate dynamic swells, gated reverbs, and rhythmic echoes. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily set a THRESHOLD using the slider, which will then trigger the desired effect. With a variety of parameters at your disposal, you can sculpt endless layers of space with Bunkir.


Bunkir Controls Explained

PRE-D determines how long (up to 2 seconds) before the ambience kicks in.

TIME allocates the total size of the ambience processor's "room".

DAMP runs a band-reject filter against the ambience processor - to make it ring out less.

DELTA determines the level of ambience processor in relation to the THRESH

ATTACK controls the onset or swell of the triggered ambience

RELEASE controls the decay of the ambience

HI PASS is a filter that attenuates the lows and lets the highs through 

LO PASS is a filter that attenuates the highs and lets the lows through. 

The HI PASS and LO PASS filter together can create a BAND PASS filter for very specific frequency selection.

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64 (Puremagnetik Plugins run as M1/2 Native)
• Audio Units or VST/VST3 compatible audio host