• Splitch | Distortion & Pitch Mangling Machine

Splitch | Distortion & Pitch Mangling Machine

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Splitch is much more than a pitch shifter. It can cleanly shimmer and reflect, freeze and distort, delay and scatter. Working in the spectral domain Splitch is a one octave up/down pitch shifter that grabs the incoming audio signal and routes it however you choose - through a waveshaper, a delay line, a spectral freeze and a random function.

Some of Splitch's specialties include subtle, pitch-shifted delays; spectrally frozen distortion drones; octave layering, and chaotic randomized re-pitching. Splitch is perfect for adding embellishments on top of your existing audio and will easily get you to sonic places you never thought of!



Splitch Features
• Continuous spectral pitch shifting from -1 to +1 octave.
• Musical waveshaping distortion.
• Unique routing and modulation crossfading capabilities.
• Integrates into any VST / Audio Units compatible host
• Includes a collection of factory presets

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host