Shadow | Polyphonic Harmonulation Wizard

Shadow is a polyphonic pitch and delay wizard capable of conjuring up everything from lush choruses to slapback delay lines and more. Used minimally, it can create wide chorus effects but it can also glitch, mangle and completely obscure your sounds into crazy cosmic dimensions. 

The first part of Shadow is a pitch shifter that can go from a 4th below to a 3rd above your input signal. It can also modulate to any value in between for unique microtonal explorations. With SHADOW 2 control you can create rumbly sub bass frequencies, octave splitters and modulating LFOs for the pitch (see more below). 

After the pitch shift, there is an adjustable lag time between the dry and wet signals. At the lowest settings, FOLLOW can be a slap-back delay or chorus effect. Turning it up adds some interesting repeat effects between the dry and pitch shifted signals. CAST does a few secret things that include some extra LFOs and signal swapping. FOLLOW combined with CAST is a powerful combo, resulting in radical modulations in the delay and stereo field.


SHADOW 1 - Volume of pitch shifted signal.

PITCH - Pitch shift amount. From a 4th below to a 3rd above

SHADOW 2 - When PITCH is below noon it acts as an octave below SHADOW 1. When PITCH is above noon it is an octave above SHADOW 1. When PITCH is at noon, SHADOW 2 is a subtle pitch-shifting LFO.

FOLLOW - Lag time between the dry and wet signals - up to 2 seconds.

CAST - Modulation wizardry. Introduces extra LFOs that modulate the sound and stereo field.

MIX - Balance between the dry and wet signals.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host