Hexadic Synthesis Bundle | Sound Generation Suite

Come along on an exciting sound adventure with some of Puremagnetik's most acclaimed synthesizer devices. The Hexadic Bundle comes with 6 plugins that create everything from thick synthwave patches to retro-subtractive and robot chip-speak simulators. Dive into the the sun-baked Wade or create thumping kicks and basses with Foomph. Explore Karplus-Strong synthesis with Arkinaut and Buchla-style voices with Solveig. The Hexadic Bundle is an open toolbox for new sound design possibilities.

All devices come in VST/VST3 and Audio Units formats for Windows and OSX (Intel and M1-native)

The Hexadic Bundle comes with:

Solveig | Hybrid Complex Oscillator Synth. Solveig is a reverse engineered early '80s analog synth modeled after the classic Roland SH-101 and MC-202 sound engines. It is further augmented with a "complex", Buchla inspired oscillator. With Solveig, you can dial up anything from an MC-202 style acid bass, to a solid sawtooth lead, rich, evolving pads and more.

Arkinaut | Plucked Resonator Device. Arkinaut is a fictitious electroacoustic instrument, inspired by ancient sounds and materials (zither, wood stone, glass and crystal), while employing modern synthesis techniques. It excels at producing timbres ranging from plucked and bowed strings to mallets and more. 

Nighthawk | Cyberscape Dream Machine. Nighthawk is a 1980's inspired pad synth capable of generating complex, evolving sounds similar to those of the Yamaha CS-80 and Oberheim Xpander. Each Nighthawk voice is fed through a supersaw matrix of 7 oscillators that can be detuned and phase shifted against each other. The resulting synthesized sonic wall of lasers can be pulse-width morphed and modulated into fantastic tapestries of dystopian '80s cinema.

Wade | West Coast Tape Synth. Meet Wade - a versatile synthesizer with some quirky tones and tape-aged character. Inspired by the "west coast" synthesis school, Wade is built around two complex oscillators — one of them a modulator too — and a lo-pass gate. While Wade doesn't aim to compete with west coast legends such as Buchla, it has a unique sound that could be compared to everything from a Casiotone to a Mellotron.

Speektra | Retro Chipspeak Synthesizer. Speektra is a speech simulation synthesizer based on the VOSIM method developed by Kaegi and Tempelaars in the 1970s. It uses bursts of pulses with formant characteristics to synthesize robotic vowel sounds.

Foomph | Deep Drum Synthesizer. Foomph is a deep drum synthesizer designed for detailed bass drum sculpting. It can be used as a standalone drum voice but is also perfect for low frequency support and drum replacement on existing recordings. The synthesis section is divided into two sound engines allowing you to sculpt its tonal balance from purely electronic to acoustic bass drums. 

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST VST3 compatible audio host