Realistik | A Circuit-Bent Concertmate 360


Realistik comes packed with 24 advanced Instrument Racks based on the sounds of a heavily circuit bent Realistic Concertmate 360 keyboard.

Realistik comes in Ableton Live Pack and EXS Universal formats. Any host that can open EXS files (Logic, Kontakt, etc.) can use the EXS Universal format.

The Realistic Concertmate 360 is a tiny plastic keyboard with a huge arsenal of built-in sounds. After capturing several of the more unique programs, Puremagnetik engineers opened up the Concertmate’s guts to start pushing the digital chips to their limit.

The first modification was to add a line output in place of the 1 inch speaker. Suddenly the bass sounds exploded with life! Then using a variety of different circuit bends - a plethora of more abstract tones and rhythms were harvested to create a complete set of glitch driven percussion sounds, effects and multi-sampled instruments.

• Requires Ableton Live 9 and up, or an EXS compatible host like Kontakt or Logic
• 100 MB of free disk space.