Blip | Epic Atari Synthesis


Blip instantly transforms your computer into a lo-fi and gritty sound source that contains the full sonic palette from classic video games such as Pong and Space Invaders. It is a unique collection of instruments, kits and looped beats sourced from the original Atari 2600 sound chip. 

Each sample program contains raw waveforms from the Atari 2600 that have been layered and processed for use in a modern software sampler. Blip also comes packed with a collection of hot and crispy loops in Ableton Live Clip, Apple Loops (for Logic) and Beat Machine (for Kontakt) formats.

Blip Ableton Live Pack

The Ableton Live version of Blip comes in Ableton’s multisample mode so that any Live user can take advantage of this collection. Blip for Live has been categorized into raw “Multisample Programs”, extensively tailored “Performance Racks” and six “Atari Percussion Banks” that utilize Ableton Drum Racks. Blip for Ableton Live also contains a collection of percussive MIDI clips complete with Macro controls and extensive rack programming.

Blip for Kontakt & Logic

Blip’s Kontakt instruments and loop programs come loaded with effects, modulation routings and custom KSP GUIs for instant tweaking. The Apple Logic version includes a collection of EXS channel strips and advanced SIAL lo-fi percussion Apple Loops. 

Key Features Include: 

• Integrated Ableton Live effects chains and macro mappings
• Ableton Live MIDI clips can be timestretched without quality degradation
• Customized Kontakt KSP GUI for easy editing and instant parameter tweaking
• SIAL loops for Logic load instantly with integrated channel strips
• Includes raw Atari 2600 waveforms for user instrument creation and experimentation

System Requirements

• Requires Ableton Live 8 or higher, Kontakt 5 or higher, Logic 9 or higher