Rust | Chromium & Iron Oxide Resonator

Rust is also included in the Decimation Tools Vol. 1 bundle

Rust is a hybrid metallic resonator and vintage analog aging effect. It combines a series of second-order resonant filters, a "ball-within-the-box" physically modelled space, and Puremagnetik's analog age effect from Driftmaker and Verv.  Essentially, there are two signal chains in series: Iron Oxide (Rust) and Chromium (Analog Tape). 

Rust can make anything sound old and squeaky, time-worn with wow and flutter, or completely lost in time (hint: turn all the controls up!). A few presets are included to get you started but Rust should really be customized to the audio you feed it by adjusting the METAL control.

There are two signal chains in series: Iron Oxide (Rust) and Chromium (Analog Tape). Each one can be activated separately. You could employ no Rust and only Tape Effect or vice-versa.

RUST controls the overall resonator and physically modelled space effect

The METAL control optimizes the frequency of the resonant filter. It is recommended to adjust this according to the input content. METAL is dependent on RUST amount.

MOTION modulates METAL. Lower values are slower and less intense. Turn MOTION up to modulate METAL faster.

DUST adds analog cracking and hiss.

FLUX controls wow and flutter - an analog tape effect.

SPACE is an independent algorithmic reverb that can be used independently or after Rust's other effects.

Minimum Requirements

• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host