• Melange is a free Ableton Live Pack that includes over 70 instruments.
  • Puremagnetik Melange Free Ableton Live Pack

Mélange | 70 Handpicked Instruments and Loops

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Mélange is a free Ableton Live Pack that includes 70 instruments (over 1 GB) of handpicked electronic sounds from the Puremagnetik catalog. Dive into some of Puremagnetik’s greatest rack instruments inspired by legendary synthesizers, film scoring techniques and retro gaming technology.

Conveniently separated into 7 categories, Mélange injects a powerful assortment of fresh sounds into your Ableton Live session.

Modular Loops

The Modular Loops section alone provides a great starting point to get some ideas in place. You can mix and match the Kick and Bass loops until something’s working well. From there you might explore the Audio Effect Racks, specifically the Alien Filters or Glitch Racks to modify things even more.

Film Score

For producers or sound designers working in picture or games, you can go straight for the Film Score category. It includes some great menus for background ambiences, tensions and transition cues.


The Transwave folder is a selection of sounds from Puremagnetik’s Waveframe library. It’s meant to emulate the Transwave Synthesis of the Ensoniq Fizmo. Opening up the rack reveals a complex structure: each voice is comprised of two wavetable banks. On the lowest level (in the nested rack) are multisampled wavetables wrapped up in a Simpler instrument. The trick is that the ‘Frame Morph’ macro is mapped to navigate these multisamples through Live’s 'Sample Select’ parameter. So there are four 'Voices’, each with two morphable wavetables. We tried to get as close to the original Fizmo as possible. The full version of Waveframe has over 1700 waveform samples.

Vintage Chips

Instruments inspired from the days when digital music synthesis was in its infancy. Flashback to an era when 8 bit was king and digital bleeps emanated from every living room. This category includes Intellivision, Atari, and Commodore 64 instruments. It is just a small sample of the huge “Retro Computers” library available from Puremagnetik.


The Suzuki Omnichord is a timeless gesture controlled instrument that still holds its innovation 30 years later. Not only does this category present a few example instruments, it is also a great tutorial in articulation programming within Live 9.


• Ableton Live 9.6.2 and higher
• 50 MB of free disk space