• The Foundation includes 8 Free Ableton Live Packs.

The Foundation | 8 Free Ableton Live Packs

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The Foundation includes 8 Packs built from each Puremagnetik collection. It is a hand-picked sampling that represents some of Puremagnetik's best work.

This free collection of Ableton Live Packs includes the following:

Foundation Analog Synths

From 1970s Moogs and ARPs to modern Buchlas, Foundation Analog Synths for Ableton Live includes some of synthesizer history’s most famous machines.

Foundation Digital Synths

This free Ableton Live Pack was built from Puremagnetik’s extensive catalog of digital synthesizer libraries and includes samples from the Yamaha DX-7, Casio phase distortion synths, KORG Wavestation and Ensoniq Fizmo.

Foundation Drums

Foundation Drums delivers a handpicked selection of classic percussion instruments that integrate seamlessly in Ableton Live and Push. 

Foundation Guitar & Bass

Foundation Guitar & Bass includes instrument racks of Stratocaster major triads, expertly sampled acoustic guitar chord menus and a lite version of Puremagnetik’s Big Bertha multi-sampled electric bass instrument. 

Foundation Keyboards

Mellow old-school Rhodes, funky Clavinets and electro Wurlitzer. This free Ableton Live Pack includes a selection of vintage keyboards from the key players in the past 50 years of electronic piano technology.

Foundation Keyboards includes lite versions of Puremagnetik’s Mark One, Wurlitzer and Clavinet Ableton Live Packs. The full multi sampled Live Packs include even more detail and expressiveness.

Foundation Glitch, Toy & Lofi

Gritty circuit-bent mayhem, toy instruments and old school lo-fi chip sounds from your favorite video game console - all here in this free Ableton Live Pack.

Foundation Glitch Toys & LoFi is a collection of free sounds that includes samples from the Nintendo NES, Atari 2600, Commodore 64 and numerous circuit bent toys and gizmos.

Foundation Atmospheres

Space, soundscapes and experimental odysseys in sound design. This free Ableton Live Pack represents a huge swathe from Puremagnetik’s sound design and film scoring libraries.

Foundation Atmospheres includes a collection of sound effect menus, hits and slams, atmospheric drones and suspense building sequences. It represents only a small sampling of what Puremagnetik offers for film, video game scoring and sound design within Ableton Live.

Foundation Effect Racks

Foundation Effects Racks is a free Ableton Live Pack that includes a hand-picked selection from Puremagnetik’s RackPak series. It includes a collection of native Live effects, amplifiers, lo-fi beat parsers, sonic mutilators, glitch shifters and more.