Infinite Spaces | An Odyssey in Space and Sound


Infinite Spaces is an odyssey in space and sound, built with responses generated from legendary space simulation equipment.

Beautiful crystal spheres, metallic resonating worlds, shimmering subterranean civilizations… Infinite Spaces is an adventure in stereo and an odyssey in sonic textures. It is a sound design toolbox for film scoring, atmosphere creation, suspense building or anything else that requires a treatment of richly detailed spaces.

Puremagnetik sound designers triggered an Eventide H3500, Lexicon PCM 90, Lexicon PCM 80 and a Kyma Sound Design Computer with white and pink noise impulses, creating feedback loops and huge, reverberating sonic spheres. The results were recorded, phase tweaked and programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instruments.


• Ableton Live 9 and higher or Kontakt 5 or higher or Logic 9 and higher
• 600 MB of free disk space