Baritron | The Saxophone of the Future

Baritron is the saxophone of the future. It is packed into a collection of 11 multisampled instruments in three eclectic categories. 

Four instruments (All, Soft, Loud, Staccato) capture the classic acoustic tones of the baritone saxophone.

The “All” instrument combines everything as multiple layers of velocity articulations. From quiet reed slaps to wailing growls and release clicks, Baritron has fully captured all of these saxophone nuances. Two FX instruments (Mash and Slap) are focused on recreating the pseudo-random key-mashing and the percussive tongue slaps that the saxophone does so well.


In addition, Puremagnetik has created 5 experimental instruments that push the sonic barrier:

Tron-Doom was made with a doubled talkbox process layered on a sub octave pitch shifter.

Tron-Drillex was the result of vocoding the saxophone with the sound of an electric drill articulating a stratocaster.

Tron-Lazer has 3 velocity layers of sax vocoded with a series of descending pitch slides.

Tron-Maoff convolves the sound of a bowed string into the sax, combined with a enveloped filter.

Tron-Vowelz is vocoded with a human voice to create 4 different tones, blendable and interchangeable.

Baritron Features

• 11 multi-sampled instruments with expressive articulations
• Over 500 high quality samples
• Advanced Ableton Live Racks with customized Macro Controls

System Requirements

• Ableton Live 9 and up, Kontakt 5 and up, Logic X and up 
• 110 MB of free disk space